Funhouse Lounge

2018 Funhouse Season Pass

A pass gains you admittance to any five shows in the 2018 season. You get to choose which shows you go to.

Buy your 2018 pass here!!

Here’s how it works:

Purchase your pass. When you see a show you want to attend, contact us at and let us know you are a season passholder and wish to attend. Knowing to expect you, we will reserve your space , in case the show sells out.

When you arrive for the first use of your pass, you will receive your Funhouse t-shirt and your official passholder card.

You may also simply use your passholder card at the door anytime, but in the event of a sellout, you might not be seated. Reserving your space is always recommended.

Some rules to remember:

  • Each pass is for one person only. You may not, for instance, use one pass to get 5 people into one show, or 2 people in 2 shows with one left over, etc.
  • A pass may only be used once for any particular show. For example, if you really liked a show and wanted to see it again, you could not use your pass for your second visit.
  • Do not lose your card. We do not have elaborate electronic tracking systems or anything, so if you lose your passholder card, we are sorry, but we cannot replace it.
  • There is a possibility that, due to unanticipated circumstances, a show listed on our schedule may change. Rest assured, if this happens, you will be notified. If this is a problem for you, we will be happy to help resolve it to the best of our ability.

Other cool stuff:

There will occasionally be surprise swag and other perks for passholders. Random and awesome.

You will receive e-mails throughout the year alerting you to special shows and events that you may also use your pass for.