Funhouse Lounge

John Carpenter’s “The Thing”–a stage parody

This classic horror/sci-fi comes to life on stage!

From the producer/director of last year’s hit, “Sweep the Leg” (Karate Kid: The Musical) comes a comedic stage adaptation of John Carpenter’s beloved horror/sci-fi classic “The Thing.”

When a group of scientists in Antarctica discovers a long-buried spaceship in the ice, they unearth a dangerous creature that threatens to destroy them, and potentially us all.

In this loving stage parody, we set out to, in equal parts, pay homage and satirize this iconic film. A cast of some of Portland’s best comedic character actors takes aim at the roles made famous by Keith David, Kurt Russell and Wilfred Brimley.

The Funhouse Lounge, known for its send-ups of classic 80s films undergoes a transformation of its own to create the perfect venue to stage the isolated Antarctic outpost and its dark, cavernous tunnels and rooms.

For die-hard “The Thing” fans and newcomers alike, John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” A Stage Parody reminds us all that “Man is the Warmest Place to Hide.”

Thursdays-Saturdays, November 1-17. All shows at 7:00 pm, doors at 6:30

Tickets are $18 online, $25 at the door. Reserved seating available online.