Funhouse Lounge

Die Hard

The Musical Parody

Sometimes you don’t get what you really want for Christmas. Sometimes you didn’t even know you wanted it until suddenly one day you heard about it. Well, here it is. Die Hard, the parody musical!

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Funhouse Lounge is known for stretching the boundaries, altering expectations, and bringing you creative, unique fringe theatre productions; Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the Musical), Twisted, Reefer Madness and Reservoir Dolls are just a few examples. And now we’re stepping up our game: Artistic Director Andy Barrett is adapting the film “Die Hard” for the stage, and with the help of some of Portland’s best musicians, writing 15 original songs.

All ages welcome, however the show is rated “R-ish.”

Directed by: Andy Barrett

Featuring: Sean Ryan Lamb (John McClane), Landy Hite (Hans Gruber), Kate Faye Cummings (Holly Gennaro), Rob Lauta (Officer Al Powell), Chano Tencos Garcia (Karl Mueller). Justin Isla (Tony Mueller), Nick Bremer (Ellis), Linh Nguyen (Mr. Takagi), RhyanMichele Hills (Argyle), Mandy Khoshnevisan (Mother Gruber)

Music by: Matt Insley