Funhouse Lounge

Comic Strip

It's funny. Barely.

‘Happy’ time of the year that we have to be forced to see annoying family and endure the constant delusions of our country pretending that we didn’t steal land and lives in order to eat meat and potatoes as if we don’t do that every god damn day of the year!

Well check it! Here’s an actual fun and cool thing to celebrate instead…
This original Funhouse show is still the hottest and festive ticket in town! Four of the best local and traveling comics take the stage and tell their jokes…and each time the Stripmaster rings the bell, the comic must remove an item of clothing to continue the set!!!

It’s barely funny…

21+ ONLY

Hosted by the sexy, talented, hot mess that is Chris Ettrick!

This months comics:
🍂 Karl Berger
🍂 Jenny Brown
🍂 Nicole Ash Bailey
🍂 Chase Roper

Strip master: Molly Smithson

Also don’t miss out on the raffle to win CUSTOM MADE BUTT PLUGS from our sponsor @GlowFuckYourself

$8 pre sale
$12 at the door